We offer health and wellness services to a wide range of active clients. This includes kinesiological assessments, sport-specific training, strength and conditioning planning, guidance in lifestyle changes and exercise instruction. If you need a health expert to help accomplish your goals, Synergy PT and Performance can offer a comprehensive approach to wellness.

Post-Injury and Post-Rehab Training​

After recovering from an injury, many clients need ongoing training and injury prevention to get them back to their performance level. We provide an assessment of your functional level and the crucial training to get you back to your active lifestyle.

Performance Improvement and Sport Specific Training

Sport specific training focuses on the fundamental skills for your sport or activity. Performance improvement can take you to the next level and provide you with a solid foundation for long term physical health.​

Functional Movement Analysis

Client-specific movement analysis focuses on analyzing your mechanics in order to identify areas that need to be addressed to optimize your movement patterns. With improved movement patterns, you can feel better and perform better.

Prehab Services

What is Prehab? Patients that are scheduled for elective orthopedic surgeries can often benefit from a "Prehabilitation" program focusing on safely improving strength, mobility, and conditioning of surrounding areas prior to their surgery. Research shows improved function and recovery when training is undertaken prior to many orthopedic surgeries. This includes many arthroscopic surgeries and total joint replacements. Insurance usually does not pay for this type of care, and many patients have to wait until after surgery to begin the rehab process.